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"Before starting my decompression treatments I was in pain for pretty much most of the time. I had tried many things to relieve the pain such as, pain med's, anti-inflammatories, chiropractic adjustments, massage and nothing seemed to bring long lasting relief. Since starting my decompression treatment the pain in my neck has dramatically lessened to where I am pain free for more than 50% of the time from about 90%. I am in phase two of my treatment and am hopeful from the results thus far that the pain will continue to lessen."

- Rev. Jeff Colon

"An MRI showed that a car wreck I was involved in back in my teens had caused the cushion to wear out over time and become bone on bone in my neck.

I started decompression twice a week with Dr. Leo for a couple of months helping me to be able to turn my neck without catching, I don't have continual discomfort that I thought was just from working on a computers all day. I am hopeful that this will postpone neck surgery as long as possible. I continue to have decompression once a week at this time."

- Tina H.

"Eleven years ago I was diagnosed by a pain specialist through a MRI with a moderate- to -severe spine degeneration- disjunction. I feared surgery was my only recourse. For many years I used a combo of Physical Therapy, traditional Chiropractic and visits to a pain specialist to live an active life. The use of the Decompression Table has improved my mobility, kept me working, with decreased pain and has made such a difference in how my body feels and functions. I will take improved quality of life anytime without surgery."

- Kathy D. Richmond KY

"As an orthopedic and manual physical therapist, I often find I am doing team work with chiropractors in the Lexington area. I have treated Kathy D. since about 2005 keeping her as functional as was possible. Kathy would request the use of mechanical traction for her neck and low back and although it made some of her visits rather lengthy, it helped enough to warrant the treatment.

When Kathy was sent to Dr. Leo, it was only a few treatments with Decompression when Kathy began to get much more relief than with the mechanical traction. It was not long before the frequency of Kathy's visits were decreased, and the improvements have been better sustained since she started receiving Decompression.

I have recommended to many of my would be mechanical traction patients that they first see Dr. Leo for Decompression.

Dr. Leo is a 5 Star chiropractor and he provides 5 Star care!"

- Glenda E. Orthopedic and Manual Physical Therapist Lexington, KY

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