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After attending New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Leo practiced in Pennsylvania for ten years before coming to serve the Lexington community. Serving the Lexington area since 2007 as a chiropractor, he hopes to share his expertise and his interest in all things natural with you.

Dr. Leo and his wife, Sheila, each enjoy their work and share an entrepreneurial spirit. They're active in their local church and consider their faith to be the guiding principle in their lives. Together they share a blended family with five wonderful children, and Dr. Leo's assurance to you is that the care he recommends to patients is the same care he provides for his own family.

What Sets Dr. Leo Apart from Other Lexington Chiropractors?

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Before Dr. Leo attended chiropractic school he had the great advantage of working with a practicing chiropractor who took him under his wing and taught him how to run an office even before he was a student.

Dr. Ernie Forchetti showed Dr. Leo the basics of chiropractic, and the art and science behind it. He saw something in Dr. Leo that made him willing to take a chance helping him. He made it possible (financially) for Dr. Leo to begin his career, and in every sense of the word, he nurtured the fledgling chiropractor who was then just Leo Boisvert.

As a result of working with and for Dr. Forchetti, Dr. Leo was eventually introduced to Dr. Jay Komarek, another Pennsylvania DC who was known to have superb adjusting skills. Dr. Leo immediately recognized the value of this introduction and, in his words, "Began to literally pester my way into this mans life" hoping to learn some of what Dr. Komarek knew.

An additional mentoring relationship bloomed over time and equipped Dr. Leo with additional valuable skills and insights. These relationships have turned Dr. Leo into a chiropractor who consistently provides care well beyond his years of experience.

"I would have floundered around for years if it weren't for what these two fine doctors showed me," says Dr. Leo. "And it truly makes a difference."

At Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center you'll always receive precise, high quality adjustments from a chiropractor who was wise enough to learn from the best, and who is committed to never stop learning and improving his skills.

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