What Can I Expect During My First Visit?

Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center what to expect

All patients in Lexington are important! Dr. Leo strives especially to answer the questions that are inevitably on the mind of a new chiropractic patient:

  • What's wrong with me?
  • How long will it take for me to heal?
  • Can a chiropractor help me?
  • What will this cost?

As a strive to you, we offer all of our new patient paperwork online so you can complete in the convenience of your own home and bring with you on your first appointment.

During your first visit, Dr. Leo will conduct a thorough medical history and examination including a full spine high definition digital X-rays, explain his findings, and answer any questions you may have. Because the exam is so through, you can expect to be with the doctor for 45-60 minutes.

After your first visit, you will want to schedule a follow-up appointment, without any pressure to commit to a comprehensive care package or long-term treatment plan.

No Pressure, Just Hope

Dr. Leo believes it's his duty to show the patient what they need, but give them what they want. He will share his specific recommendations for your care during your first visit. "I am well prepared and hope to see you through the initial care of any injury or condition and into long-term wellness care, but I believe those decisions are 100% yours to make!" says Dr. Leo.

At Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center, we understand that when you're suffering, you simply want relief. Dr. Leo is highly skilled as a chiropractor and has been helping Lexington grasp that hope and move forward with healthy bodies and natural lifestyles for years.

What Makes Us Special?

We strive to make your life easier. Some of our patients love having the ability to pop in for an appointment first thing in the morning and still get to work on time. Others know they're truly valued because of Dr. Leo's commitment to contact every patient personally and ask how they're feeling after their first visit. Whatever your reason for coming in, we hope you will find dozens more reasons to call Today Disc, Bone & Joint Chiropractic Treatment Center unforgettable.

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